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Extreme Family boats & fishing boats for sale listings

Extreme Boats for Sale

Extreme / 745 Gameking / 2022

Model: Extreme / 745 Gameking / 2022

Condition: new

Motor: Yamaha / F250 XCA

Asking price: $ 219,995

Our Boatshow Extreme 745 Gameking has arrived and is on display at our Albany boatyard. Spec'd to a generous standard, the 745 offer the maximum beam on a trailer boat of 2.5 mtrs, simply ample... >> Click the button to read more ...

Extreme / 605 GameKing / 2022

Model: Extreme / 605 GameKing / 2022

Condition: new

Motor: Yamaha / F115

Asking price: $ 107,995

June 2022 next boat Simply the best, a 6 mtr Kiwi alloy hardtop on a single axle trailer is proving to be the answer for many requirements. Easy to use and manage, great in more... >> Click the button to read more ...

Extreme / 570SF-Sport Fisher / 2015

Model: Extreme / 570SF-Sport Fisher / 2015

Condition: pre-owned

Motor: Yamaha / F130

Asking price: $ 72,995

Just traded on a new one, this thoughtfully specd sport fisher will get get you and yours out to the grounds in no time. With a Yamaha 130hp and hydraulic steering for ultimate control. Remote... >> Click the button to read more ...

Extreme Boats at Rogers Boatshop

Extreme Boats are innovation, build integrity and performance all meet to create New Zealands Most Awarded Aluminium Boats. Step aboard to experience the difference for yourself and let the journey to endless horizons and possibilities begin.

Extreme boats feature high quality aluminium boats that look just as good as any fibreglass boat. The Extreme Boat Deep V Hull design provides excellent stility and unmatched performance.

Extreme Boats Range: with over 20 models ranging from 4m to 11m, Extremen Boats have something for all boating requirements!

Roger's Boatshop are proudly one of New Zealand's longest standing boat dealerships. Representing respected brands such as Yamaha, Buccaneer, Extreme & Stacer. We stock the best sport boats, fishing boats and family boats selection in New Zealand.

After 47 years in business, there is little doubt that the team at Rogers Boatshop are the true powerboat specialists. Since the company first opened for business in Library Lane, Albany, way back In 1973, they have taken pride in always providing exactly the right boat for their customers.

Please browse our New Zealand new and used sport boats, fishing boats and family boats for sale listings and feel free to contact us.

Please contact us! Call us: (09) 415 94 56

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